VIDEO: The clock is ticking on wellbeing. Ready to make a difference?

GoodShape CEO Alun Baker's keynote to The Watercooler event revealed the stark state of UK employee wellbeing. But for responsible employers, there are practical ways to make things better.

May's inaugural Watercooler event represented a sea change in the world of work. Aimed at delivering 'the latest thinking and solutions to holistically support employee health', its synergy with our vision for a better future at work meant we were thrilled to sponsor the event.

GoodShape's CEO, Alun Baker addressed a standing-room-only crowd with his keynote on the opening morning at London's Olympia.

Comparing the attention that organisations give their employees to other 'assets' - such as vehicles, buildings, and IT equipment - Alun said:

"You understand the tolerances before it breaks. You do things like planned and preventative maintenance. And mostly, you're not allowed near any of this unless you've trained for years and you're qualified [...] Do we have that for our people?"

Drawing on GoodShape's two-decade database of absence and wellbeing data, Alun's presentation revealed to attendees how an organisation of 1,000 employees would be affected by different wellbeing issues within the next year. But with so few businesses armed with accurate and timely data on the issues affecting their people, it highlighted how many 'solutions' are currently invested in and implemented based purely on good intentions.

"It's absolutely important we take this seriously and apply some science", Alun said.

For Alun's insights in full - helping responsible employers make a positive change for their people and business - watch the presentation below and download the slides here.

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