HRD Roundtable: Graduating from wellbeing initiatives to a wellbeing strategy

Having a wealth of wellbeing initiatives in place does not mean an organisation has a cohesive and effective wellbeing strategy. With increasing onus on the importance of wellbeing and heightened expectations of what employers should be providing, for many organisations, there are some tough questions to be asked about current support provisions, the rationale behind what is in place and whether they really are effective, appreciated and sustainable.

We recently partnered with theHRDIRECTOR to deliver an insightful roundtable session which saw leading HR and People professionals come together to discuss the future of employee wellbeing.

Thank you to all delegates who took parJB-2t in this debate.

Key points of discussion:

  • How can organisations approach wellbeing as a strategy, and what are the key pillars to consider?
  • Who is responsible for wellbeing initiatives and budgets, and how can informed decisions be made?
  • What challenges and concerns exist regarding data collection, privacy, and measuring the success of wellbeing initiatives?
  • How can organisations address workload issues and support managers in having conversations about employee wellbeing?
  • How do wellbeing initiatives impact talent attraction and retention?


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