HR: mental health initiatives 'much needed' but only 44% will be kept

GoodShape's presentation at Health & Wellbeing at Work 2022 revealed shocking statistics about businesses' plans to roll back wellbeing support post-pandemic.

The 16th March session, delivered by Director of Operations Amanda Manser drew findings from GoodShape's research report with Ipsos, "Why employee wellbeing isn't working. And what you need to do about it."

The insights reveal why, despite the best of intentions from the Board, wellbeing initiatives are compromised in their delivery, not measured for success properly, and often fail to make a positive impact for employees on the ground. 

Amanda presentation chartDiscussing the chasm between 'much needed' support initiatives and the percentage that HR and management professionals expect to be retained post-pandemic, Amanda said:

"Just when the people that describe themselves as the 'first line of defence' for employee wellbeing are calling out for a continuation of 'much needed' support, organisations are instead actually taking their foot off the gas. That seems particularly short-sighted when you consider that more than 5 in 10 people who take two mental health-related absences from work will go on to quit their job." 

Watch the full presentation below, and download our Ipsos research report which includes an actionable 5-point plan for better wellbeing in UK businesses. You can also learn more about staff absence management.

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