GoodShape App named 'App of the Year' at the UK Business Tech Awards and Prolific North Awards

GoodShape, a leading name in enterprise health management software, is proud to announce its recent accolade: winning the prestigious 'App of the Year' award at both the 2023 UK Business Tech Awards and the Prolific North Awards alongside leading mobile app development agency partner The Distance. This esteemed recognition reflects the culmination of dedicated efforts from both organisations, and celebrates our shared commitment to revolutionising the landscape of health and wellbeing.

During our year-long partnership with The Distance, we have combined GoodShape's expertise with The Distance's visionary approach to produce a groundbreaking mobile app poised to redefine health and wellbeing services for large enterprises and their employees.

The GoodShape App: the future of employee wellbeing

Offering 24/7 absence reporting via a chatbot, direct access to clinical professionals, and a rich array of health and wellbeing content, the GoodShape App is designed to be a lifeline for employees navigating their wellbeing and work absences. With 42 categories of clinical content, 374 unique wellbeing activities, 31,000 words of medical advice, 26 demonstration and exercise videos, and comprehensive medical profiles (plus much more to come!) the app revolutionises the employee health and wellbeing experience and has achieved 70% engagement amongst end users.

The success story continues with ongoing collaborations, including the integration of trusted chatbot technology from EBM and efforts with Terra to incorporate health and fitness data from various third-party sources into the platform. These advancements further empower GoodShape to provide employees with the best advice and support during any work absence.

Acknowledging excellence: testimonials and achievements

James Arquette, Chief Product Officer at GoodShape, commends The Distance's work throughout the partnership, praising their comprehensive and detailed feature documentation which included every piece of text on every screen of the app.

As for the app's success, the results speak for themselves. As of November 2023 (under a year since its release to early-access clients) the GoodShape App has reached over 30,000 users, 30,000 absences reported, 13,000 wellbeing topics read, and 45,000 care plan activities completed.

Crucially, 96% of GoodShape users prefer reporting absence via the app, and all app features (including user friendliness, navigation, accessibility and labelling) scored above 9/10 in a user experience survey.

These are all significant wins for GoodShape as the company moves to an app-first, SaaS-focused business model.

Looking ahead: A commitment to continuous improvement

The GoodShape App has not only resonated with users but has exceeded all objectives, prompting the partnership to outline a 12-month roadmap for new features and increased project budgets. This commitment to continuous improvement and innovation aligns with the shared vision of pushing the boundaries of user engagement through intuitive, humanised, chat-based interfaces and self-serve self-care.

Anthony Main, Founder of The Distance, declared, "The GoodShape App is already a win for professionals’ health and productivity, as well as the partnership, so there’s plenty of fingers crossed for the award to further celebrate that success!"

Gratitude and anticipation for the future

GoodShape extends its deepest gratitude to The Distance for being an outstanding partner, and to all those who have been a part of this transformative journey. The 'App of the Year' award is not merely a recognition of success; it is a celebration of our shared commitment to making a significant difference in the world of health and wellbeing.

GoodShape would also like to extend a huge thank you to all its clients and users for supporting this transformative journey.

As GoodShape eagerly anticipates the future, the team looks forward to continuing its collaborative efforts with The Distance to create meaningful and impactful solutions for enterprise health management.

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