MAD Webinar: CFOs are the Board's biggest blockers to wellbeing buy-in

To start our Make A Difference webinar earlier this month, we gave guests a simple poll: "Where are you likely to find most resistance when attempting to get sign-off for a new wellbeing initiative?"

Of the responses we received, the largest proportion (60%) said the Finance function was among the main blockers across the leadership team - more so than Operations (30%), CEO (16%), and HR (15%). And with organisations facing leaner working practices in the wake of the COVID pandemic, perhaps that's not surprising.

But at GoodShape, we believe that's short-sighted. Done properly, the value of employee wellbeing support far outweighs the investment, with benefits for all quadrants of the 'Business Balanced Scorecard': Finance, Customer, Process, and People.

Business Balanced Scorecard

Our expert panel from BP, Serco and EMCOR UK offered powerful, practical tips to get the Board to sit up and notice the worth of wellbeing. To act on their insights, watch the webinar below:

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